How to Best Choose the Flat that’s perfect for Your Needs


Moving out of your old home and living in a place that seems perfect for you is always an exciting prospect; after all, it will allow you to fulfill a dream and offer you much more freedom. However, with that freedom comes a lot of responsibility. Even more importantly, it’s crucial that you find the right home for you, so that you are not caught unawares if certain problems or unexpected expenses rear their ugly heads.

When you’re looking for a property, you need to be realistic about your expectations – and be informed of both your rights as a tenant and your obligations towards the landlord or landlady. Finding the home that is right for you is therefore a process that should be taken very seriously. Here’s how to choose the flat that’s perfect for your needs.

Understanding your own needs

Be realistic, and think about yourself (and possibly your family) for a second. Think about what kind of life you like to lead and what is actually affordable. List down your needs – do this literally, on paper, so you will not be tempted later on. Understanding your own needs is the first step to getting the home that is perfect for you and your family.

Location is important

Do you want to live near your family, or closer to your work? Do you feel you need to live in the centre of the city, or are you more comfortable at the quiet rural areas? There are some flats to rent in ideal locations, such as flats to rent in Upminster, but weigh your needs first. By answering those questions, you can easily narrow your price range and the size of the flat down to fewer options.

The condition of the flat

Never sign a leasing agreement without thoroughly checking the condition of the property; make sure that any damage or need for repairs is recorded so there is no problem when the time comes to leave the flat.

Your budget

It may seem like common sense, but you need to think your budget through – not just the rent, but also utility bills and other expenditures – before signing the agreement.


Entertainment? Restaurants? Outdoor space? Again, what’s important to you?

One last point – and a very important one: you need to be concerned about your safety. This applies to both the safety inside your home (such as having multiple exits available in case of fire, or making sure that all the electrical and gas wiring and piping are in good condition), but also on your travel to and from to your new flat (you don’t want a place that is listed as a high crime area). Ensure your flat (and the whole building) has proper safety and security measures in place. If you’re in doubt, look for a different place. Safety should always come first.