Insurance Company in California


We are very familiar with the Unique insurance company, but what is it? A insurance company that offers insurance policies to people, either by selling directly to an organization or an individual. An insurance company is usually comprised of wide range of insurance agents. Normally an insurance company may specialize in one or multiple types of insurance, such as home insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, and so on.

Are you trying to find the best insurance company for your home, car, health or your life? There are a huge number of best insurance companies operating in the state of California, so just compare them to choose the best one for your insurance purposes. In this article, we will give you some good  insurance companies for you to choose. While most of the people in California are familiar with Geico, Allstate, Progressive and State Farm Insurance companies, there are many other top car insurance companies in California that might be the right fit for your demands.

Firstly, we must mention to Interinsurance Exchange and AAA Northern Interinsurance Exchange. The two companies are the second- and third-largest California auto insurers individually; they combine to form the largest California auto insurer, with a market share of 15.73%. The two companies offer California residents cheaper insurance than the larger insurance companies. However, to purchase insurance through AAA, a person’s license can’t be less than three years old, and he cannot have a speeding ticket or an at-fault accident in the past three years.

Secondly, State Farm Insurance is the second-largest auto insurance company in California, with a 14.4% market share in the state. In addition to basic insurance coverage, State Farm also offers antique and classic car insurance coverage quotes through its agents. Overall, State Farm has a low complaint ratio and is large enough to provide insurance options to fit almost any driver’s needs.

Thirdly, Allstate Insurance is the third-largest auto insurance company in California, with a market share of 6.7%. While the company offers a range of policies, Your Choice Auto is the most popular policy that Allstate issues. In addition, the company offers special insurance for expensive and luxury cars, such as Porsches.

Finally, Mercury Insurance Group is the fourth-largest California auto insurance company, with a market share of 6.5%. The company is known for selling reasonably priced auto insurance. It has great customer service, proven through its track record of very few justified complaints. Mercury’s justified complaint ratio is the lowest among California auto insurance companies, making it the best California auto insurance company in terms of customer service.

These above mentioned insurance companies get trust from people not only from california but also throughtout USA. For more information about insurance company, please read insurance company in california.