The Benefits of Hiring a Local Accountant for a Small Business


Running your own business, especially a start-up can be challenging. You quickly have to get to grips with all kinds of rules and regulations, if you don’t meet with certain government guidelines on time, you could end up in trouble with the law. If you’ve done a quick Google search using keywords such as “local accountants near me Leatherhead” you’ll find several good firms close to home. These organisations are willing to help with all kinds of business tasks from bookkeeping to business advice. A reputable accounting firm can assist a small business wide a range of important accounting tasks, including:

  • Recording receipts
  • Tax returns
  • Setting financial targets
  • Business decisions
  • Bookkeeping

If you find a good quality accountant who has experience working with a variety of SME’s, they can have a hugely positive impact on your company. They’ll tell you how to make the right decisions and when to make them.

Table of Contents

Saving You Time

A good accountant will save you a lot of time, time is something you need when trying to help a small business develop. If you’ve no time to work on your core services, you’ll be unable to move forward, expand and beat the competition.

Complex Tasks

Accountants are able to manage all kinds of tasks, from simple to highly complex. Most small business owners don’t have extensive knowledge of accounting.


They’ll look after your tax; they’ll be able to reduce your tax bill and free up money for other ventures.