Various offers of the prepaid credit card for Teens


With the advancement in technology and modernisation, even the teenagers are becoming familiar with all types of facilities including credit cards that teach them the worth of money as well as its wise use. It also helps them to learn how to get all the things required by them within the set budget. Moreover, it is safe for the children to carry these cards instead of money especially when they are going out. Since prepaid cards can be loaded any time with money, it can help the kids in emergency. Keeping in view theenhanced use of prepaid credit cards among teens, various offers are provided by different companies.

Upside Clear from Visa- There are three plan levels under the prepaid credit card issued by Visa – Clear Plan, Access Plan and Edge Plan. No membership fee is charged under the Clear Plan and can be loaded free of cost from the checking or savings account. The credit limit for this plan is $1,000 but it doesn’t have an ATM under this plan. A membership fee worth $2.99 per month and $29.95 per annum is charged under the Access Plan and Edge Plan respectively. In case, you want to load the card from debit or credit card, a fee worth $2.50 will be charged. Parents concerned about expenditure of money by their children can track the same by checking the locations where the card is used. They can also see the balance on the prepaid credit card account as all the transactions are posted in real time.

PASS from American Express- This prepaid credit card is quite beneficial and useful for families for granting plastic money to their teenage children. There is limited fee for operational charges and it offers one free ATM withdrawal per month followed by $2 per withdrawal in the same month. All the services provided under this prepaid card are free of cost. These services include customer care services which are accessible through toll free numbers and internet. The facility of reloading the card with direct deposit via checking or savings account makes it quite convenient for the users. Kids can customize their individual cards by uploading any image over the website.
USAA Prepaid CardIt is another great offer for prepaid credit for teens  They can enjoy big amounts of credit and that too without the need of any monthly fee, activation fee or reloading fee. Parents can keep a complete control on the money being spent by their children via this card. This card has wide acceptance as it can be used at all places where MasterCard is accepted. You can reload the card through USAA website or through its mobile site. There is provision of setting up alerts by the parents upon getting the account activated. It is quite useful in keeping a close watch over the spending activities of their teens. Even in the event of losing the card, it can be replaced without paying any fee.